Back To Normal – COVID-19

When COVID started and the world changed, some countries suffered lockdowns which put the people into a new situation, unknown to many of us. While days passed, many people started to appreciate the things they had and they could do before, wanting desperately to go back to ‘normal’. Some of us, however, started to question the meaning of what was considered ‘normal’, and saw this whole situation as an opportunity for change, for a new awakening. Jose Prada wrote this little piece based on those thoughts. Written originally to be filmed by our company, the whole situation stuck and we saw an opportunity to test how a stock platform like Artgrid works, and if this can be the future of filmmaking. Summing up, it was a pleasure to use the platform and be able to access high-quality shots from different filmmakers around the world. In only a few hours we were able to find the shots to suit the voice-over, and the organization by scenes makes the search a breeze when looking for consistent visuals – BTS video dropping soon.

All the footage you can purchase and download via ARTGRID portfolio: JRV portfolio

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