Since the expansion of the internet and globalisation, the very concept of what a filmmaker is has changed. The democratisation of resources has made filmmaking available to many people. However, if you take a look at a number of YouTube channels now and Instagram profiles, it still feels that you need expensive gear and a huge crew to create good content.

Our teaching approach will demystify this belief and show you that it is not the gear, but knowledge and good taste, that are the most important elements you need to make good films.

We would love to show you our method, our step by step process, share our knowledge and empower you to create your own visual world as well as develop your own tools to achieve this. And all of this with any gear you may have, from a mobile phone to a film camera. Why us? Because we are working professionals producing for different brands with differing budgets and we talk from authentic experience. We will show you how to produce high-quality content and make the best from the means that you already have.